Friday, April 26, 2013

month of april 2013

 everything change here 
my job change
friendship change 
relationship change

why all change ?
job change because i lost my job and found new job
cloth shop name pretty kitties house
so many hello kitty
but also got some accessories 
some dress , shoes ,bag

why friendship change ?
how to say 
not that kind of change but different 
we all less hang out 
no topic 
when got some bad news or good news want to share 
don't know want to find who
so terrible
and they never tell me any of their feelings 
   i felt kind of sad
feel like i not part of them 

relationship change doesn't mean break up
can say not the usual one 
may be because we know each other very well
not usual sweet anymore
not usual care me like before
love can be so.....errm 
weird ? ya

what can get different now ?
i don't know
maybe the world ?

we all grown up
many thing to do
many irritation 

not like kids anymore 
can play till tired 
not to worry anything
feel happy everydays

days still past 
world still running 
its all matter of time


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